Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fruitcakes!

Oh Friday!

I am off to Reno for the weekend - sadly unlike Vegas - what happens in Reno doesn't always stay in Reno... so I have to mind my P's and Q's if I want the hubby to stay happy :P

Amazingly, men in Reno, a cowboy town, don't dress like this every day! So wrong!
Luckily my best friend and partner in crime Rose will be there and she doesn't have to work all weekend, so I get free room & board, a galpal to run around town with and as always, my amazing sense of wickedness to get me into trouble and my powerful abilities of dissimulation to get out of trouble again  :)

Last time I was in Reno I got to practice my knots. This guy gives me some my pants...
A favorite activity of mine in Reno is walking the artsy fartsy part of town hopping shops and seeing how far I can stretch my dollars.

Another fun thing to do is visit the gay clubs for interesting shows. You can often see men dressed like this fella.

In olden days, whenever I went to Reno I would visit Steve's Bath House and Gym. (no website, can you believe it?!?). One could always afford a "private" room there, and when I had been up for 20 hours dancing and gambling, the bath house was actually a relief. You could even shower afterwards :P. It has been there since before I knew about bath houses (that means it's really, really old). I wish they would get in with the times and do some web stuff.

No, Steve's doesn't look like this, but wouldn't it be grand if it did?
If I am lucky, I may get to see a show - sometimes really good performers are at the local bars.
Like this interesting guy. Maybe he will come visit from SF and do a show while I am in Reno? Maybe?
I truly hope your weekend holds as much potential for crazy fun as mine does! Back at ya again soon!

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