Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Worship...

I hope your weekend has been pleasant - even though I am cooking and prepping food on a retreat I can bet you mine has been fantastic - I love this type of volunteer work.

In the spirit of being thoughtful and finding our inner piece (lol), I offer to you some men in contemplative poses...

Whether it is prayer or meditation, this man looks like he is preparing for something good...

Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me...but seriously - to me, communing in nature is truly a good thing... I see this picture as spiritual art - the field of flowers, man in his truest form, lifting arms to the sky and clouds -

Similarly, this man looks like he is ready to receive whatever message the earth and sky are ready to give...

Have a fantastic, spiritually gifted day me friends.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fruitcake Fridays!

While I am away, I thought I would offer you some fun eye candy :P

Is he a present? Is it couture?

Fairy godfather from the hood!

Easy access clothing for the man on the go....

He listens to too many Katy Perry songs...

He could make the grade simply for being a male ice skater, but look at those wrists...and the bustier!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Laundry Day Wednesday!

Humpday Bumpday! 

I know it is supposed to be Humpday Bumpday -

and here is an obligatory pic - 1 bump and 2 humps :P
but really, today is laundry day for me, as I am volunteering to be on the food prep staff for a men's retreat this coming weekend and I need to get ready, packed and outta here!

This lovely gent has offered to help me work out a few dirty thoughts stains...
This gorgeous man looks like he is good for a couple of loads...
This guy has kindly started the pre-rinse cycle so he will be all slick and lubed soaped up for me.
Last but not least, this fella looks like he can help me hang dry my stuff on his rod so to speak...

Ah, much better. Clean, refreshed and ready to start packing...

Have a great weekend gents!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Furry Friday, Of Course!


For Sacramento California that is. I imagine the canooks and eastern or middle murica people would argue that it is simply brisk outside since there aren't even any ice crystals to be found for many miles in any direction.

I really don't care about though - it is MY opinion that counts here, and i say ITS FREEEEEAAAAKIN COLD outside. I want some fur...and a fireside to snuggle up next to with it :)

He is obviously ready to cuddle with me! In fact, I think he just called my name!

Yes he is recently trimmed, but look at all that all-over stubble. You can tell that in a couple of weeks its a full fledged man blanket to keep you warm.

Just furry enough to qualify, that little patch in the center of his chest is begging for a nibble, and that treasure trail that broadens out as it dives for his pants? We don't need a map, we can tell were we are going today!
Not only furry, but accessorized! What more could a man ask for in a cuddle partner?

Shhhhhhh! It's a GingerBear! Extremely rare creatures, GingerBears are prone to being startled and may dash away back into the primordial forest from which they come if frightened.

On a positive note things are a little calmer in our house, due in large part to some of the new found communication skills from that men's weekend I mentioned a few posts back.

It has enabled profound changes in me and I had watched my husband grow through similar and different changes when he went through it last year - I have discovered that many of the new tools and thought processes are working for me the way they should with the support and help of other men who have been through it. Some powerful stuff.

We aren't fixed, and it will still be a long road with some significant work to be done, however I have a much clearer mental picture of where my work is and where the husband's work is. I can only be responsible for making sure I do my part. He has to be accountable for his own part. While we may make agreements to be accountable to each other, ultimately it is ourselves that we must be true too.

I find it very refreshing to have a group of men to help me share some of the burden of being me, and I know that sounds sort of silly - oh me oh my what a burden I am -  but it gets lonely talking this stuff out only to a counselor or only in my head. Talking to a group of other men and getting feedback and questions to help pinpoint critical thought processes is turning out to be an incredibly useful experience.

Groups of men are tons of fun in other ways too, but that's a story for another day...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Humpday Bumpday!

Another week halfway gone!

Omg I could bury my face in that.
Time flies when I am having fun. Which I am not having this week, so it's been a serious drag on my psyche... I know this isn't the lightest of posts, but its where I am this Humpday Bumpday :) So thats what ya get :P

The husband and I have been at each other all week, and not in a good way :( . Luckily we have 20+ years experience trying to work on our communication and not push each and every hot button the other has. Unluckily, we have 20+ years experience of learning just exactly how to push each and every hot button the other has lol.

Let's just say its been really really rough - not physically mind you, other than the fatigue that comes with emotional exhaustion.

We had a couple of physical throw downs very early in our relationship and we got our asses to counseling quick to avoid that becoming a cycle for us. We were men after all, and men are not really taught how to deal with anger in non physical ways.

Wrestling is something we have given serious thought to. Besides probably leading to make up sex, it can be a great use of extra emotional energy.

One thing we have recently not agreed on is that long ago I promised him I wouldn't get any more tattoos without his prior approval. I deeply regret that now. It's my body and I think it's my decision. So I need to find a way to renegotiate this.

That is not what this latest rough patch is about, but I mention it because our relationship is packed with agreements that are stale and uncomfortable. You would think we were lawyers negotiating a treaty rather than lovers and husbands.

I thought we were seriously headed for divorce on Morning Wood Monday night - a day which had started out with such promise! Things had gotten sick between us by that evening and Monday night was a hell I don't want to live through again any time soon.

Doesn't he look like he is looking for the lube/body wash? I can help him find it right over here...
In all seriousness though, I predict the hubby and I will get through this. I believe this even though it isn't going to be an easy ride or smooth path and even though it really doesn't feel like it in the heat of the moment or the depths of the pain and tears.

Neither of us is likely to throw in the towel on 20 years of love and marriage. It just feels like hell sometimes when you are battling it out and confused about why you are fighting and just wanting the pain to end and find that safe warm spot you used to live in. If that makes any sense.

That's it for me for now! I am off to find something to distract my mind ...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Morningwood Mondays!

 My, oh my, what a busy weekend!

First, I ran up and over to Reno, NV for the weekend to spend time with Rose (my BFF and mother of my Godson).

My hubby was on a men's weekend thingy, so I was without assisted relief for my morning problems all weekend! This did not make Craig a very satisfied man.

No its not me you goobers. It does however pretty accurately depict my state for a large part of the weekend.

We bummed around town shopping and she and her hubby Scott took me on a whirlwind tour of the gay bars in Reno.

The Bear/Biker bar

The dance bar

The casual hang out place
The Patio
Then Saturday night we went to see the fantastic Cyndi Lauper in a small concert in the ball room of a casino. OMG it was fanfuckingtasic! She rocks!

I think I probably cried three different times during her show. Some of her music just brings up powerful memories and emotions for me.

Then Sunday morning I was awoken to the gently creaking sounds of my BFF and her hubby trying to have quite morning sex in the other end of the house.

So once again I was like

So I went online and looked at pictures of hot men and sent my hubby a text that he couldn't get till later that I REALLY missed

I am not really a footsie kinda guy, I mean they are okay and don't gross me out, but they aren't my THING. you know? But this pic? I really really like it. Just sayin.

This is more my style of what I usually want to pounce on. He looks like he could withstand my attentions without breaking and that delightful muscly bubble butt. Mmmmmmmph! Now, if he was 20 years older he would be perfect. Oh wait, I have one of those already! I wonder if the hubby will be waiting for me at home?

Hope your weekend was as great as mine was! Physical frustrations aside, I had an absolutely wonderful time in Reno :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fruitcakes!

Oh Friday!

I am off to Reno for the weekend - sadly unlike Vegas - what happens in Reno doesn't always stay in Reno... so I have to mind my P's and Q's if I want the hubby to stay happy :P

Amazingly, men in Reno, a cowboy town, don't dress like this every day! So wrong!
Luckily my best friend and partner in crime Rose will be there and she doesn't have to work all weekend, so I get free room & board, a galpal to run around town with and as always, my amazing sense of wickedness to get me into trouble and my powerful abilities of dissimulation to get out of trouble again  :)

Last time I was in Reno I got to practice my knots. This guy gives me some my pants...
A favorite activity of mine in Reno is walking the artsy fartsy part of town hopping shops and seeing how far I can stretch my dollars.

Another fun thing to do is visit the gay clubs for interesting shows. You can often see men dressed like this fella.

In olden days, whenever I went to Reno I would visit Steve's Bath House and Gym. (no website, can you believe it?!?). One could always afford a "private" room there, and when I had been up for 20 hours dancing and gambling, the bath house was actually a relief. You could even shower afterwards :P. It has been there since before I knew about bath houses (that means it's really, really old). I wish they would get in with the times and do some web stuff.

No, Steve's doesn't look like this, but wouldn't it be grand if it did?
If I am lucky, I may get to see a show - sometimes really good performers are at the local bars.
Like this interesting guy. Maybe he will come visit from SF and do a show while I am in Reno? Maybe?
I truly hope your weekend holds as much potential for crazy fun as mine does! Back at ya again soon!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tango Thursday!

No, its not really a new theme, I was just researching male dancers and I found some fun pics :)

Not too sure why these men came up with my dance criteria search, but I certainly don't mind ogling their butts!