Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Humpday! (no more Jury Duty!!!)

Oh the freedom I am feeling today!

Not unlike the frisson I feel looking at this guys ass...ooh my teeth ache at it...

I got dismissed from jury duty ONLY because I happen to have a trip planned that precludes me from a single day of the court sessions.

I am staffing behind the scenes in the kitchens while other men attend to their own personal journeys during a men's weekend similar to the one I attended...

Thank goodness I had this trip scheduled!

Don't get me wrong, I think Jury Duty is both a duty and in some forms a privilege - other countries don't give their citizens the right to a trial by jury of peers - they get a religdiot judge panel or a corrupt judge doing whatever he darn well pleases.

Jury Duty is like these guys - it is a duty to get down with a good looking man and a privilege to have a carpet under you to avoid scrapes...

It's just that I wasn't really in the mood this time around to buckle down and focus on a 6 week trial. I am in a good mood, still high on life from the men's weekend I attended and this particular trial sounded like a real downer to be a part of.

Now if I had been asked to ponder the evidence presented by a hump like this one, I coulda gotten my interest level way high, if you get my drift...

I would have done it, and done it with the attention and focus it deserves because that is what I would want of my fellow citizens should I ever be on trial, but I am glad to have been relieved of having to do it this time around, the case was a violent one and I already been there, done that, a few years ago on a jury and have no urge to be that unsettled again anytime soon.

I hope you Humpday is a great one!

BTW pop over to David's and find out what shenanigans he and the Mistress have been getting up to! New York may never be the same! (and that's a good thing with a capital G!)

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