Monday, September 19, 2011

Morningwood Mondays!

Oh good morning my friends!

Sadly, today was not meant to be celebrated as usual despite the temptation...

 These gentlemen obviously are on the same page as me in the morning!

And while this was my mood when I woke up, unfortunately I had to get the car in to the mechanic first thing this morning and had no time to work off my stiffness (sad face emoticon).

The service manager was a kinda sexy in a straight-guy sort of way though, so the hubby and I got a touch of flirting in while setting up repairs. Perhaps he will let us pay the bill in trade?

Regardless, at least when this is over the air conditioning will work again - its been out three weeks now and I am tired of melting in the heat!

Happy Monday!


  1. By the looks of it a couple thing could use a release their!!! I always get up early just to allow me time to "take care of things" if one of my dates isn't here. Otherwise I'd be horny all day!

  2. Hey there! Love your blog with your humor and the pictures! The Mistress B told me I should check you out. B is a sucker for a nice bulge!

  3. @Mistress oh boy was that too true! horny all day was definitely an issue - on the plus side it made for fun looks while out and about :P.

    @Fan Thank you #1 You look like you could pose for some of these pics yourself if you want to give up your day job :) I am surprised the Mistress hasn't snatched you up to be one of her fantastic houseboys!