Monday, September 26, 2011

Morning Wood Mondays and Folsom Street Fair 2011!

Wow yesterday was fun fun fun!

If I could figure out how to blog from my phone I would have posted some of these pics as I took them. Suffice it to say I walked around at half-mast most of the day from all the eye candy.Wandering around with the hubby and ogling hot men together is a great way to spend a day out on the town.

I have saved and edited some of the pics to use over the next week or so :)

Morning Wood Monday was spent reviewing many of these pics from bed (grin). Those are the ones I can't post on the blog though lol.

I can however, post some pretty darn good looking folks for you to review for yourself today!

From L2R the hubby, Johnny Scruff and me!

One of the gruff hotties

CosPlay was in full swing at Folsom!

I wanted to play adult twister with this daddy!

 Above and below, two hot hot hot gogo dancers!

Normally a corset just isn't my thing, but he rocked it.

Off with their heads! Is she hot or what?!?

They make my mouth water. They are also my new phone screen saver :)

Cute porn stars making an appearance for charity. The hubby and I got a pic taken with them and a 3rd whose dick was out and perky for us at my hubby's shoulder. (We knelt amongst them.). The look on my husbands face was fantastic!

A gogo boy~

 Older daddies but still hot as hell! Look at those cut waists!

 Ginormous breasts looking good in vinyl!

 A boy in a skirt is sometimes just right.
This guy was super friendly, super good smelling (he hugged me) and supper tatted up. Nice all around!

 A couple of public displays of affection I can show you without the censors getting upset. The guy above getting his butt fondled was really getting into it. His fondler was whispering to him about the pics I was taking and it got really interesting. The fella with his pants around his ankles got REALLY happy from the chest attention, you know what I'm sayin. It was fun to watch but I can't post it here :P

That's enough for now, I am off to do my daily chores! Have a great Morning Wood Monday!

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  1. Oh my dear Cragery!!!! I needed a breaK half way threw!!!! Some of my friends who live out there also went, and they sent some very nice pictures! Those older daddies got my blood! And might I be as bold to say you and the hubby are adorable and hot at the same time!!!!! Your post broke the temp gauge today ;)