Thursday, September 22, 2011

Harvest Day!

In weeks past, I have posted an occasionaly pic of the bounty that our garden produces.

Today we got a bumper crop of zuchs, cukes and tomatoes.

If my onions or peppers were producing this well I could make a super sized salsa and pork out on the fresh healthy goodness!

 Oddly enough all the cukes above are from the same plant
This fella has an interesting hook

Once again though, my garden has produced mutant sized zucchini and cucumber! These bad boys are so big I am not sure what to do with them.

A fun side note - when you peel a zuch or cuke they produce a slimy liquid that makes them very slippery...(evil grin)...not that I am implying a use for these...

As for myself, I am going to do a masque. A cucumber masque to make my face even prettier.

Perhaps, after my beauty treatment, I will make cucumber sandwhiches and have them for Tea.

Happy Harvest Day!

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  1. Hold the cumcumber, ill be right over!!! Well, if your still giving free facials!