Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Bumpday!

Has your day been as bumpy as mine?

Good bump!

It started out suspiciously normal and that is where I should have gotten a clue - like foreshadowing - that the day held something interesting...

Up early, perkier than usual -

 - almost chipper even - 

and out the door with plenty of time to get to my doctor appointment, even beating the heat of the day. So far so good.

Cute boys in the lobby of the clinic -

Okay they had shirts on, but they were cute!

Then, while sitting in the room waiting for my name to be called, it happened.

You know those people who really should be taking their psych meds but sometimes miss a dose? Well, a couple of them were in the room. Okay three of them. Possibly four, but once people start getting upset its harder to tell who needs meds and who just needs to calm down.

 The craziest one had hair this color

but with designs in it like the guy below

She was little, black and angry.... I mention the race only to emphasize and remind people that nobody does angry, like an american black woman. Head bobbing and weaving like a snake, finger shaking in your face, threats under her breath and then louder as she gets more upset.

Luckily she wasn't mad at me, she was upset with one of the other folks who forgot their psych meds this morning.

Finally security had to be called! He was hot! Not unlike the cartoon above. Big, handsome, mocha colored, gorgeous voice. He started sorting it out just as I was called in to the lab station.

Several vials later...

I got out of the lab station to find everything nice and quiet again.

Cute boys and men were chatting like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Psych patients had wandered off. Crazy pink hair lady was sitting in the corner talking quietly to her lap dog about the mean people who had just left. It was surreal.

Just another day at the local HIV/AIDS clinic. :P

Now for your viewing pleasure and as a reward for your patience...

His bump definitely looks happy.

 The security guard might look like this out of uniform.

Poor man, looks like he needs an adjustment...I volunteer!

I hope your Bumpday is fantabulous like mine has been and may the rest of your work week be pleasant and full of good looking surprises!

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