Friday, September 16, 2011

Furry Friday!

My goodness! Sacramento has certainly chilled down the last few days. Just last week we were at 102 and yesterday the high was 81.

Last night was so cool I got to make the hubby cuddle all night! (normally together we create too much heat to comfortably spoon all night...).

To celebrate the soon to be arriving fall (the autumnal equinox is only 8 short days away!) and turn the mind towards warm thoughts on cools nights, here are some wonderfully furry men to inspire you!

Now this gentleman appears furry, but it may be 'shopped - it is awfully hard to get that definition through a good layer of fur...

 The next time I get a ticket I hope my cop looks like this hunk!

 Notice the hands/wrists - they bespeak age and maturity. For some reason that makes him hotter!

 He likes himself a lot! I wonder if he would let me give it a lick. He is pale but definitely not vanilla!

I think this guy is simply adorable. He isn't a standard modelish type but he is slim, fit and nicely furred with that fun bit of bush peeking out! He also looks to me like he is a loud sweaty one in the sack.

I feel warmer already!

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