Tuesday, August 23, 2011



I sort of sneaked (did you know snuck is an americansim?) in an project without the hubby realizing what I was doing!

My new spice rack!

This was one of those smaller projects that I started last year and stopped when the hubby got irritated that I had distracted myself from the major projects...

 (I was supposed to be moving rocks at the time...ROCKS! I mean really, I am too delicate for that, the houseboy should have done it).

By practicing patience and pointing out similar products when we are out shopping and he has been weakening over time and moving to the enthusiastic supportive mindset that I needed.

When I came home with a roll magnets last week he was actually excited and disapointed we didnt have magnetic boards to attch everything to.

One insane but fun short shopping trip later and viola! An unexpected project got finished :) Thank you BB&B for having a fire sale on what I needed!

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