Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Humpday!

It's been an up and down but overall great week so far!

Monday started out with a bang, with check presentations from the NorCal AIDS Cycle to several central valley and northern California agencies (mine was one of them). NCAC gave out $190,000 total this year, and my agency got $50,000 of that. Literally a life changing amount of money when your agency is as small as mine.

Later Monday night, on the way to a celebratory dinner, the brakes started making an ugly noise AND the front right tire went flat. An unexpected counterpoint to a wonderful day.

absolutely not my mechanic
Which meant Tuesday was largely spent at the tire place and then the brake place around the corner from the tire place, which took hours and hours and hours out of my day and my phone went dead out of boredom and the mechanics weren't even worth drooling over...

Now, while I complain a little about Tuesday, really it was a great day, because I was taking care of the car - which also means not having to worry about the husband when he commutes to work every day (I drive a scooter the same as the one above, which is more economical and much cuter - if less safe)

Which brings us to today. Humpday! A wonderful day, in a great week. In celebration of Humpday, I carefully selected 4 particularly nice humps for your viewing pleasure - they are great examples of perky, plump, muscular and bubble.


I will let your discerning eyes decide which is which :) ! Enjoy your day - I know I will!

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