Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thug Love Sunday!

Or Whatever Happened to an Easy Trick?

So my friend, who shall remain nameless to protect his tricks, has a serious thing for thug lovers. Not just your average good lookin' DL brother, but seriously sexy DL and very thuggish types - which are quite easy to come by here in Sacramento. My friend gets more action these days than anyone I have ever met. We have even joked about starting his own porn channel so he can earn something for what he is so good at.

Sounds fun, right? In some ways, I am enjoying living vicariously through him, as the hubby and I don't do tricks (well, we can flipfop and there is this thing he can do with his tongue and I don't have a gag relfex, but I digress), so it can be quite interesting over brunch or coffee when my friend regales me with tales from the sack.

Lately though, say the last 9 months or so, things haven't been as smooth as they used to be. Not only has his sex life sped up from a new thug lover every other day or so to often more than a-thug-a-day, but his picker seems to be starting to choose bad guy snuck off the condom during sex so he could "give him his true essence" - bb attack!

Four times in the last 9 months he has been robbed when he fell asleep after screwing his brains out for a few hours. Not violently, mind you, just foolishly - you pass out after sex and wake up to find your phone, laptop and wallet gone along with your trick whose profile is now deleted from A4A.

Twice he has been mugged by a potential trick who set him up. So 6 times all together - which given the number of men he has brought home or visited really is a small percentage, but the rate of these incidences is increasing - in the last 3 weeks alone he has been mugged once and robbed twice.

It is like he has a sign above his door, or maybe the word is getting around in the DL Thug chat rooms that there is a really easy mark in downtown Sac and they draw straws for who gets to do him and then rob him afterwards this week.

It is actually like a tragic comedy. Just last night he sent me a text about how fantastic this newest trick was, how they had been fucking around for 10 hours off and on, had lunch and dinner together (of course my friend paid for all of it) and I replied - "COOL! You deserve a good time for once!" - thinking he really does, he had a rough week - and was woken up at o-dark-30AM this morning to a tearful call about how he had fallen asleep and woken up to find his trick had walked out with his phone, laptop, stereo and watch. The second new phone in a week, mind you.

I will be honest, I giggled...Not that I am evil but c'mon, what do you expect? It's a recipe for disaster in the making, right?  Pick up guys at random, almost all of whom are on the DL, almost all of whom are very thuggish, (and yes almost all of whom are hung and freaking gorgeous - I know, cause he saves pics with his phone when it hasn't been stolen), and the odds are not in your favor for this always ending in a healthy exchange.

His situation is more common than a lot of people think. Guys who bring home a lot of tricks tend to run into this issue from time to time, and it can be much worse - a few years back, another friend of mine (a reverend who was very popular in the community) was murdered by a young stud thug he had "taken in" (his particular fetish was for skinny white boy thugs that looked very young but weren't - I am sure you know the type).

I love my friend dearly and I will give him the emotional support he needs right now, but I will wonder in the back of my mind if I am going to get a call from the coroner's office one of these days.

I will also laugh at him when he asks me why these things happen to him - cause that part is both funny and tragic and he really isn't capable of seeing the answer in front of his face - all he sees is the gorgeous man with a big penis and thug attitude who doesn't give his real name cause he doesn't want his wife/mistress/girlfriend to know he likes fucking guys...

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  1. I would say your friend needs a lifestyle change and soon, or he will go broke, or worse, end up getting something more lifechanging than ever- a diesase! I have done the random hook up a couple times, once even entering the house of a guy, walked into his basement, striped and layed on a table for a "massage". We had two hours of hot sex, protected. It was fun, a fanasty for him to have a stanger enter his home like a mentioned, and we still hook up. But at first I thought what the hell am I doing? This is scary shit. In a house I dont know, or the person, walk to a dim finished basement. And strip. I could have been killed by a pysho for all I knew. What we do for a thrill! I just couldn't do that again. Now I just have friends with benefits! And about this thing your hubby does.........