Friday, July 29, 2011

Furry Friday!

Oh Friday! Oh Friday! Thank the morning-star it is Friday!

It has been an interesting week. Still no solution in sight for the next step in dealing with the Huntington's issue, however I have taken this temporary lack of insight to mean I am not supposed to take any action for the moment. I listen to my instincts on these sorts of things and when it feels right, I will do something.

Until then, I will titillate and motivate myself with pictures of delectable men. Furry men today, with one perfectly edible Fruitcake.

 vpl + fur+tatts+tan = win in my playbook.

 I don't like or endorse smoking cigarettes, so I have decided this stud above is smoking upscale medical marijuana with a filter.
 A ring like this says to me that this man like to be led...and I certainly don't mind leading :P

 This is a crossover man...furry AND playfully fun :)

Last but not least - who wouldn't be interested in licking this cutie-pie clean? I mean, I am on a diet and all, but I think I could turn it into a workout of sorts and end up with a calorie deficit if I tried hard enough...

Have a great Friday my friends!

1 comment:

  1. So glad the weekend is here. I think I will be poolside half naked myself! Now, I agree that first man is getting my "juices" flowing but the cross over man is totally filling out those briefs! That should keep me busy for days! Have a good one!