Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrating Summer Solstice! Pt. 3

As we near the end of the longest day of the year, perhaps it is time to take a moment and reflect...as a friend of mine put it the other day now begins 2011.5 - hopefully better for her than 2011.0 was...

If you were a superstitious person, and I hope you are, now would be a great time to rinse yourself off in running water, preferably a river or creek, the ocean would do (salt adds additional cleansing properties)...

While you rinse, you would contemplate the things you wish to wash away from your life - stress - anxiety - misfortune - an ex (lol), the things you wish would wash off rather than stick to you - illnesses - ill wishes - food stains, and the things you would like to encourage and grow for the remainder of the season - good luck - healthy crops - prosperity.

Then you would have another round of parties with your friends while we wait for the bonfires and fun of the Solstice night.

While we wait, lets look at some more men, shall we?


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