Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Humpday Bumpday!

and on!

Was your Humpday as good or better than mine? I certainly hope so!

I spent the day in contract negotiations, budget discussions and annual project charting which I do actually enjoy, however it was so pretty outside (where I really wanted to be!)  that to stay sane I pretended to take notes on my phone while I surfed the Interwebz looking at Humps and Bumps!

Ah, what would I do without the wonderful inventions of photography and the internet?

Hump Bump...

and on and on...

Hump Bump...Hump Bump...

and on...

Hump Bump...Hump Bump...Hump Bump...

and the beat goes on...

Hump Bump...Hump Bump...Hump Bump...Hump Bump

Sometimes the day is measured in heartbeats....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Worship

Have you ever had one of those dreams that remind you just how small you are on a cosmic scale?

When you have to sit and contemplate, after you wake up, just what was the meaning -if any- of that really odd dream?

Then you realize - duh! - it was your subconscious reminding you that you are so awesome even you feel small compared to yourself sometimes ;p

Happy Sunday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fruitcake Friday!

"Fucking glad it is Friday" is what the title really should say.

Long week, irritations, miscommunications and stress make for an unhappy Craig.


A pic especially for David

Here's to a hopefully relaxing weekend.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursdays are for...


Oh me, oh my, did I over sleep today. 
It's 10:30 and I am just warming up my first cup of J@v@ to start the day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bumpday! Let's do it!

As promised ~ here are some tasty looking bumps to finish out our day.


I need me some Bumps to take my mind off the dump - yes the dump - I had to make a dump run to get rid of some accumulated debris after redecorating the office. That place stanks! (The dump not my office!)

Nice happy Bumps are just what is needed to lift my...spirits...yes that is the word I am looking for (wink)!

Happy Humpday!

The beginning of the end of the week! One of my favorite weekdays ~ wonderful Humpday. 

A couple of perky Humps to begin the day!


Followed by a couple of lazy Humps, because if you are anything like me, you hit the snooze button a few times before crawling to the coffee...

and finally, a pondering Hump - doesn't he look like he is trying to decide which way to go next?

Later, I promise, I will bring you some tasty looking Bumps to round out our day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrating Summer Solstice! Pt. 4

Summer Solstice comes to an end...

Now that the daylight is fading it is time to light our bonfires, (or our fireplaces if we are urbanites), celebrate with sex, wine and fun times...

Tonight would be a great night to harvest mistletoe and mid-summer herbs like rosemary, basil, thyme, sage.

Remember as you go to bed to kiss the one you love if he is near...

And last but not least - remember that in six short months we get to celebrate Winter Solstice! Another favorite of mine :-P

Celebrating Summer Solstice! Pt. 3

As we near the end of the longest day of the year, perhaps it is time to take a moment and a friend of mine put it the other day now begins 2011.5 - hopefully better for her than 2011.0 was...

If you were a superstitious person, and I hope you are, now would be a great time to rinse yourself off in running water, preferably a river or creek, the ocean would do (salt adds additional cleansing properties)...

While you rinse, you would contemplate the things you wish to wash away from your life - stress - anxiety - misfortune - an ex (lol), the things you wish would wash off rather than stick to you - illnesses - ill wishes - food stains, and the things you would like to encourage and grow for the remainder of the season - good luck - healthy crops - prosperity.

Then you would have another round of parties with your friends while we wait for the bonfires and fun of the Solstice night.

While we wait, lets look at some more men, shall we?


Celebrating Summer Solstice! Pt. 2

Speaking of Solstice - did you know most major religions, even today, have some sort of observance of Solstice rites?

Even Catholics - those staid and stuffy party poopers co-opted this day (like every holiday they could wrap a cassock around) and it became the Feast of St. John the Baptist - offset as usual by a few days in a failed attempt to seem like it wasn't a pale imitation of a fun pagan party.

St. John is rather obvious though - unlike other saints, his feast day is set for the day of his birth, not death, mysteriously similar to that Jeebus guy whose birthday is offset by a few days from Winter is funny to me how such obvious co-opting was a successful tool in creating one of the worlds largest and still strong con games religions...oops my fingers slipped...

It's horribly crass of me to say so, not that it will stop me, but if it weren't for the bloody neck bits I would have thought the artist was rendering St. John's o-face...

Back to brighter topics...

Men in the Sun!



I love surfers...they have the right sort of attitude for a party day.

Remember - for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere today is a looooooong day...

So obviously I need to post more men to keep the day going strong! Keep an eye out for part 3...