Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Eostre Day

Oestara, or Eostre's Day, heralded the onset of springtime. Ostara, or Esther, the Goddess of Spring, was honored by many tribes-people of Europe. She has been depicted as holding an egg in her hand while watching a rabbit jump playfully around her feet, and from this association we now have the Easter Bunny.
Eggs = New Life, Rabbits = Fecundity, Spring is the time of New Life after Winter.

Naturally enough, this was also the perfect time of year for a resurrection, be it Osiris who was healed and resurrected in the spring by Isis or Tammuz brought back to life after winter by Ishtar or Jesus of Nazareth whose resurrection was "discovered" by Mary of Cleopas, Mary Magdalene and Mary, mother of James (sometimes considered the same woman as the disciple Salome).
What I like about the Jesus myth is the women - the goddess in her three forms a young woman, an adult woman and a older mother...a crafty incorporation of the goddess by the early Christian leaders.

Today, for myself, I will be eating eggs and chocolate rabbits in memory of older more mystical times when Spring was a mystery and Life was both sacred and magical in its creation.

Have a great Easter Sunday folks!

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