Sunday, March 20, 2011

Green Stalks of Loveliness

The asparagus fairy visited me Friday leaving an entire flat of fresh-from-the-field asparagus for me to enjoy! She brings me flats of asparagus 2-3 times each spring. I like to preserve most of it, but of course we eat a lot of it fresh too. The brighter side of living near agriculture land :)

Friday & Sunday night's dinner included a course of seared asparagus with a glaze made from a wine and stone-ground mustard reduction. It looked a little like:

where i got the idea
except I sear mine more and I really crisp the bacon.

Today I spent the majority of the day canning the rest of the asparagus and this is how it went...

rinsed in cold water and trimmed the bottoms
(this is 1/2 of what I processed today.)

the jars with red stuff have hot pepper flakes for extra goodness
pack the jars tightly and pour in the pickling liquid
boil jars for 15 minutes
now the hard part...wait 3 weeks

Three weeks from now I get to enjoys these beauties! I can hardly wait...about 1/2 the batch is made with hot peppers and the other half is a standard pickling recipe with garlic added.

I love this stuff!

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