Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Saturday, what for art thou Saturday? Deny thy todo list and refuse thy guilt!

So most Saturdays are spent doing stuff I didn't have time for during the M-F work week.

Today though? Nopers! Today was for catching up on minor housework, perusing strands of the interweb, looking at cool things and artistic  images (ahem!) of men (and occasionally women), listening to music very loudly and not doing anything seriously important.

And so it was today...

  • The dust and hair bunny of doom that I collected:
  • The artistic (for reals) discovery: (O.M.F.G. I want this really badly!) Every man needs a totally cool piece of furniture and I think this one would be my current primary choice! See it at Yanko Design. Its creator Maximo Riera is a serious artist!

  •  An artistic image of a man (it is a commentary about fried food, I swear!)
  •  An artistic image of a woman:
  •  Music I am listening to right now and cannot seem to put down: 
Find it here

I hope your Saturday was as comfortable as mine was :-)

Good night!



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  2. That sir is a lot of frickin dust and cat hair man!! lol I hope that wasn't just from the week!! Great site you have here! Look forward to more postings! Thanks for rollin my JJ Blog!! I will add yours to mine :)

  3. That's one impressive Dust Bunny!!!