Monday, January 10, 2011

Mondays, Men and Me

So most Mondays I do not have to go into the office to work. In fact, I do not have to work period on most Mondays.

Mondays tend to be about not having to get dressed (I'll put on sweats if I get chilly),  sleeping a little later than usual (no 6am gym), playing World of Warcraft, DDO or some PC game, and surfing the interwebs for news, porn and anything that grabs my attention.

Of the many things I saw today, these few really caught my attention...which only goes to show how odd my attention span is sometimes...
  • A total  nutjob  re-posted from David Dust's blog
  • A totally cool robot hand/gripper that I noticed originally on J@v@JuNKo's site
  • A wonderful way to display a table? a man? both?
  • A place to find fun sexy books Loose id 
Lest I forget, here is a Monday Man for your eyes to enjoy:

More here
More here
More here
More here
ciao caros

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