Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Monday, so good to me

I was so terribly terribly lazy today. Why? Because I could be!

I slept in till noon,  I didn't go to the gym, I didn't bother to get dressed, I made peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips and I burned things in the wood stove all day...I am a bit of a firebug. Not the kind that burns down buildings, but ooooh I love me a good fire.

I think I sat there for over 3 hours feeding it little bits of wood, junk mail, paper plates, magazines, newspapers...I really like the colored flames that I can get from certain types of junk mail - the glossy stuff.

Then to round out my day I got stuck in one of those zombified search modes that happens - you know what I mean? You start looking for something then something else entirely catches your eye and the next thing you know you have 30 different tabs open on your browser and have lost your original purpose.

Today's zombie search ended up being about body painting. I think I started out looking for temporary tattoos to buy for my 4 yr old nieces. Instead I got:


Go figure! At least I had fun looking at colorful people! Never did get around to finding those temporary tattoos though. Maybe next time I can strike fast enough with my browser that the zombieness doesn't get me!

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