Monday, January 3, 2011

It's All About Me!

So today is my birthday and more than usual, it is all about me today! My husband is so excited that I am aiming to be more self-centered than normal! Just kidding. Mostly. Okay, not much.

In anticipation of today and because I had more Napa Cabbage on hand than I knew what to do with, I decided to try my hand at home made Kimchi on new year's eve in the hopes that it would be ready to eat by today. It is!

Can you say delicious? I can! This is actually one of my husband's favorite dishes and my birthday treat to myself is to have made it from scratch so we can eat it together in hot and healthy happiness.

My other birthday treat to myself is a drive up to the snow country east and north of Sacramento. We are going to take a day trip to Truckee, California, and meet up with some friends at a cute little restaurant. More on that later :).

I hope your Monday is turning out to be grand!

For those of you into beefcake I have included a Monday Man for you to peruse - one of my favorite models in more than one media -his first name is Simon (and at least once he was known as Harley), but his last name changes depending on if he is modeling or modeling, if you know what I mean...

Now wasn't that pleasant?


  1. Me and Simone have had many intimate moments from his Sean Cody videos lol, very pleasant indeed....oh and HAPPY UnBiRTHDAY to YOU!!