Saturday, January 29, 2011

Laundry Day!

It is time for laundry, and everyone knows that you need a good washboard to get your clothes nice and clean.

Here are a few washboards to help with your laundry today:


Friday, January 28, 2011

Furry Friday!

Furry Friday it is today!

If any of these men lived locally they would need more fur than they currently have to stay warm. It is so cold an foggy out today! Luckily my husband has a nice furry chest (and other places) so he can keep me warm when I need it.

And yes I am fully aware that 50 of 50 States in our wonderful country are under snow. I think I have already established that it's all about me, so if I am cold because it is foggy then it is cold outside.

On with the Fur!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vocabulary Lesson

I bet you never expected a vocabulary lesson here...

Every now and then as I wander the strands of the interwebz I find words or phrases that I like the sound of but don't exactly know what they mean, although sometimes I can guess based on context.

Today, these are the words that not only caught my attention but made little enough sense at the time that I had to look them up :)

dick swinger
straight like

I think I like budgiesmuggler the most, it reminds me of my bumpday posts...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humpday Bumpday Here it is!

It is never really easy to choose which humps and bumps from my perusing to share with y'all, cause I like so many of them...they could be their own blog. Luckily for me, other guys and gals are already putting full time blog effort into this concept, so I don't have to :)

Here are some Humps and Bumps to make your day brighter and maybe a touch more lascivious (isn't that a nice big word?):

 All I can say really, is yummy yummy yummy. I should probably head over now (and you should too) to see what David has posted for my viewing pleasure this happy Wednesday.

Where did all the time go?

Wow. Sometimes work and the associated stresses become all consuming.

I went from a pleasant weekend of spending quality time with my husband and attending a princess birthday party for my twin neices:

to being swamped and buried by office work and deadlines:

And now its getting towards the end of Humpday Bumpday and I have yet to post anything fun to look at yet! Shame on me! I need to get on this right away!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hoodoo Voodoo Youdoo

Insomnia struck last night. No reason why. Also a crabby mood from hell. No reason for that either.

I had to warn the husband when he got home that if I seemed moody it was because I really was :).
It was only fair to warn him about that.

After finally falling asleep about 4:30am, I awoke at 9am to a better mood but a zombie like countenance - puffy eyes, blotchy face - I looked like I had a hangover - and I don't even drink!

Don't know what was up last night - maybe a frenemy got a hold of a toenail clipping and was working away on a poppet.

Another Fruitcake Friday!

I actually missed the Fruitcakes so I decided that today is a Fruitcake Friday.

There is just something fun about a man in a costume or over the top outfit.

And of course, not to leave out the fur lovers of the world:

Happy Furry Friday to you too:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something odd....

So. We have 3 cats and a dog. The cats are boys, the dog is a girl. All are fixed of course.

Yesterday I discovered that the fluffy cat apparently likes to hump the dog. I was so startled that he jumped off the dog and was offended at me for interrupting his coitus.

Today I was sneakier and I caught it with the camera! Cat/Dog porn! Its more than interracial it's interspecies!

I find this mildly disturbing, as for some reason I had never envisioned our animals as even having sex lives, seeing as they are fixed and all that.

Poor Coco (the dog), just lays there and takes its, she might not even know the cat is humping her. Considering the dog's long hair and the cat's long hair it really might be dangerous - static electricity could build up and kapow! What a shocker that would be to the cat!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With a rebel yell, more, more, more!

In the midnight hour, babe, more, more, more! More, more, more!

About one in a million people might notice that I just mixed up the lyrics there. 

As if I cared :)

So last night I noticed we were getting low on kimchi so I mixed up a fresh batch using a new recipe. This new recipe used a thinly sliced pear instead of any added sugar and it also omits the rice wine vinegar. I am really hoping it tastes as good as the last batch.

The last batch is so dang tasty that the only thing holding me back from simply eating it all in one big binge is the fact that I purposefully made it really hot. So hot that I start to sweat after about 2 bites. Muahahahahahahaha! Tasty!

Here is what a freshly packed jar of kimchi looks like as it is setting in for the 3-5 day wait for fermentation to begin:
Pretty, isn't it?

It is difficult not to pop open the jar and eat some early. It smelled divine as I was mixing it. I will let you know how it tastes in a few days!

A close friend of mine told me last night he thought I was turning into an old lady. When I asked why he told me that I go to bed early (true, otherwise its hard to hit the gym at 5:30 am), I bake and cook an awful lot (so true),  I like to garden and then can my own vegetables and I can be very crabby.

All very true points...I told him I wasn't giving up my peen anytime soon so old lady status would have to wait...

hugs and happy hump & bump day!


Happy Humpy Bumpy Day!

More Humps and Bumps that I find pleasing to look at :). I hope you do too.